Blacksburg, Virginia:  A special place” is the official motto of this unique town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and you will soon see why. Blacksburg is a laid-back small town with stunning beauty in every direction that enjoys many advantages of a large city.  These include a vibrant downtown with local vendors, diverse cultures and eateries, its own transit bus system, several farmers markets, and all that comes along with a having a top state university, Virginia Tech, anchoring much of what goes on, including opportunities to enjoy the arts and collegiate sports. Blacksburg is a fantastic place for students. In addition, we are blessed with numerous solid church congregations of varying denominations that embody a collaborative spirit as we work together on multiple ventures to serve our community, both locally and globally.

“A high-tech gem in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains” —Outside Magazine

For anything not available right in Blacksburg, the surrounding New River Valley (“The NRV” to locals) offers even more choices for adventure, shopping, dining, education, and entertainment. This region is a draw to outdoor enthusiasts of many stripes, whether your passion is paddleboarding, mountain or road biking, fishing, downhill or cross-country skiing, golfing, kayaking, rock climbing, caving, or hiking.  With the Appalachian Trail passing nearby and the plethora of local trails from which to choose, a pleasant walk outdoors is always an option.

This special place has been chosen for several Best Of lists for cities and towns across the U.S. for a variety of reasons. We are confident you will enjoy calling Blacksburg home during your time with us at Augustine College.

Downtown Blacksburg
Picture of Market Square Park sign

Photos of the New River Valley area reproduced with thanks to and permission from Tony Greatorex

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Snowy Mountains2018-01-17T12:47:37-05:00
Parkway Sign2018-01-17T12:43:22-05:00
Barn and Waterwheel2018-01-17T12:40:56-05:00
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Blue Ridge Parkway2018-01-15T20:14:05-05:00
Big Sunset2018-01-17T12:56:40-05:00