Portait of St. Monica by Jill Metz

Announcing the St. Monica Founders Scholarships

Five $2000 Scholarships

A generous benefactor has allowed us to offer these scholarships to kick off our inaugural year.  They are named after the mother of St. Augustine, who preceded him into the faith and prayed he would follow.  These scholarships will be awarded to early qualifying applicants for 2019.  Each provides $2000 off the normal $8500 tuition.


  • Complete and submit your application to Augustine College U.S. as soon as you can.
  • Be among the first successful applicants.
  • Include an additional 500-1000 word essay with your application on this topic:  “What is the purpose of education? How do you envision attending Augustine College will help you achieve that purpose?”
  • If successful applications arrive on the same day, essay quality will also function as a tie-breaker.
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