Seven Teams have been established by the Board of Directors to accomplish the tasks involved in building and maintaining the vision of Augustine College.


This team is responsible for educational policy and the curriculum of study, which is modeled after the curriculum developed by Augustine College in Ottawa. Particular classes within a course will vary from those in Ottawa because of the unique professors God has brought our way and their particular areas of expertise. The Academic Team also proposes, creates, maintains, and evaluates additional extracurricular learning activities, such as theater visits.  Its responsibilities will soon grow to include program evaluation and student success. Learn more

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The professorship team is chiefly responsible for finding faculty who are eager to fulfill the mission of the college and willing to serve with little or no remuneration. “We do not recruit professors,” some of the founders of Augustine College, Ottawa, told us, “we use whom God sends us.” In some cases professors were eager to be on board as soon as plans for the college were announced. In other cases the team already knew of likely candidates or learned of possible candidates through third party contacts. We met and continue to meet with potential professors and learn more about their backgrounds and calling. We might ask, for example, “Is there one lecture you would most love to teach to a Christian class, if you only had the chance?” and then discern whether the answer fits into the college’s program and goals. Through this process God has brought us an abundance of riches.

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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is central to who we are and what we strive for.  The ultimate goal of Augustine College is the glory of God–glory made manifest in resurrected Christ-followers who are more alive because they know Him more closely.  We invite our students to draw ever closer to God as their Savior, Lord, Creator, and Father.

God is the source of goodness. We seek to recognize that goodness. God defines truth. We strive to align ourselves with truth. God creates beauty. We drink from that fountain.  These are more than exercises of the mind.  These endeavors engage the whole person.  We strive to know Him deeply with heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Our program is not just about knowing more or improving our minds.  At AC we intentionally exercise all the parts of the person, pressing in to a deeper relationship with our Lord in all ways.  To that end, we intentionally engage with members of our community by coming alongside individuals as they journey with Christ.  Some may call this process discipling; others call it mentoring or coaching.  We use an ancient term for this traditional practice: Spiritual Direction.  Spiritual direction is a voluntary relationship between a person who seeks to grow in the Christian life and a director, a mature Christian who helps the directee both to discern what the Holy Spirit is doing and saying and to act on that discernment, drawing nearer to God in Christ.*  As we draw nearer to Him, as we become more fully alive, God is glorified.

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The primary goal of the finance team is to maintain Augustine College in financial health to enable it to achieve its vision. Our team is populated by Godly, seasoned business leaders and entrepreneurs who adhere to biblical principles of handling money and other resources. We believe that good stewardship demands that we have a financial plan, and we intend to keep costs down. We want to provide a top-quality education at a reasonable price. For instance, tuition for the full 2019-2020 school year will be $8,500 USD, not including living expenses or scholarships.  Currently, we are paying below market-rates for three part-time staff to carry out marketing and program development: Mark Filiatreau, Dean (20 hrs/week); Alice Lo, Project Coordinator (20 hrs/week); and Colin Welborn, Marketing Coordinator (10 hrs/week). Board members and officers are not compensated for serving. Lecturers are offered a modest honorarium on a per lecture basis.

We are a non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status in process, which we expect to be awarded in early 2019. Any extra income generated will go to reserves, to decreasing costs for future students, and to improving the quality of the experience we provide. We do not own or operate any real estate or facilities and therefore have no current debt, nor do we intend to assume any significant debt. We are achieving this by working with local churches and Christian individuals to find classroom, office, and residential space as cost-effectively as possible. We are earnestly seeking donations for start up, but plan to have tuition largely cover our deliberately lean operating expenses for each following year.

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Augustine College is governed by a Board of Directors that oversees the college and ensures that the college’s vision is carried out.  To ensure proper governance, the board has a Governance Team, chaired by a board member and staffed with volunteer professionals, whose role is to determine the most effective composition of the board and to develop practices and policies that enhance organizational performance.  Maintaining the vision is paramount.  This team is tasked with curating the vision of the college.

Augustine College Board

Marketing, Recruiting, and Admissions

This team handles many roles including, but not limited to: effectively communicating the Augustine College U.S. vision and model; inviting students and their families, Christian professors, and various supporters (by prayer, planning, and/or donorship) to join our community; managing all application and enrollment processes; and conducting general administration.  The Lord has brought creative and adept talent to this team in the form of marketing, graphic design, and website development professionals. He has also brought people willing to serve in administrative tasks voluntarily until we build up enough consistent need and funding to hire a part-time dedicated administrative assistant.


Facilities and Infrastructure

Because Augustine College’s model is one of intentionally lean operation costs to keep tuition minimal, we do not expect to own or operate any real estate or facilities.  Instead, we are collaborating with our extensive and supportive Christian community to use spaces at no or low rental cost, and we have secured enthusiastic permission to use several sites within Blacksburg for classroom, residential, community, and office space. Our team is composed of experienced real estate and housing experts, and we will be working hard in the next months to finalize the details of student housing, learning, and gathering locations.

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