A unique, Christian, classical liberal arts education

Augustine College was founded to strengthen the hearts, minds, and souls of students heading off to university, vocational training, or the workplace. We exist to renew our culture, preserve what is best, and increase human flourishing. That is, to join Christ in making all things new.
See us in the Roanoke Times – “Augustine College to open school in Blacksburg.”
See us also in The Trinitarian, Nov. – Dec. 2018.

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“…and my haunting instinct that somehow good was not merely a tool to be used…

but a relic to be guarded, like the goods from Crusoe’s ship—even that instinct had been the wild whisper of something originally wise, for, according to Christianity, we were indeed the survivors of a wreck, the crew of a golden ship that had gone down before the beginning of the world.” –G. K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

St. Monica Founders Scholarships

Five $2000 Scholarships

A generous benefactor has allowed us to offer these scholarships to kick off our inaugural year in 2019. They are named after the mother of St. Augustine, who preceded him into the faith and prayed he would follow. Learn More

John Patrick teaching

The experience of being part of Augustine College in Ottawa from the beginning can only be described as a divine gift and as such a reminder that all new things come from God. To see the model begin to spread is a source of delight. I hope and pray that Blacksburg will be a light that cannot be hid and its influence will spread far and wide and be mightily used to extend the Kingdom of God.”  —John Patrick, Founder of Augustine College, Ottawa